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Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Miller and I love to write about anything and everything about babies. Sky is the limit when it comes to my topics that revolve around babies and their care, needs, food preferences, educational items, toys and many more. If you have a little one of your own then I hope I can share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge with you.


I created this website to share these ideas and information that I have so that you can learn from it. I would also want to share my thoughts and interests about baby toys and gifts and how you can compare, choose and pick the best for your tiny tikes.

I will be discussing all that you need to know before buying a toy or gift for your baby. This will include how to choose the gift according to the baby’s age, gender, interests and other factors that will affect the type of item you will buy. I will guide you up to how to get the perfect assembly of a baby gift basket that is fit for any baby shower or event that you will be attending.

I have had my fair share of the so-called hassle and overwhelming feeling when choosing toys and gifts for kids. I even experienced these frustrations hands on with my now two year old baby boy. That is why I want other parents to feel more relaxed, prepared and basically have fun when choosing what to buy.

This website is not a one way communication method where I will just do all the talking and you will just listen. I want this website to be as interactive as possible and make it a practical means of communication for everyone. I want us to freely converse all our thoughts and experiences and share it with other parents, dads, moms, aunts, uncles and even grandparents.

I would love it if you share your own thoughts and experiences when it comes to babies and everything about them that we will be discussing in the upcoming blogs. Feel free to ask, comment and voice out your opinions. In turn, I will also try my best to reply to your questions and queries as soon as I have read them.

I am so looking forward to sharing what I know with you and I also hope I can hear from you as well. I also hope that my posts will help you in as many ways possible to make your parenting style and decisions easier and fun filled. I am looking forward to seeing you in my future posts.