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Twins equals double of everything, and this includes twin presents for them. What better way to celebrate the two new additions to the family than to give a personalized twin gift baskets for each of them. This time you need to make one different from another but still maintain the thought of them being gift for the twins.twin-gifts

First things first, you need to organize the items that you will be giving according to one major factor. This is none other than the gender of the twins. Are they a set of boys or girls or a boy and a girl? Knowing this will help in setting the ideal color scheme for your gift basket.

Now that you know the color pallet you will be using, you can start mixing and matching the other gift items that you plan to put in the basket. If you have no clue as to what to give then here are some fun examples that you can choose from.

Twin Sets of Clothes

There are a lot of choices that are both fun and personalized for you twins when it comes to choosing their clothes. Here are some ideas to choose from:

  • A pair of clothes with funny “twin pun” jokes
  • A pair of apparel that are of similar style but different colors based on the gender of each baby.
  • Clothing with personalized baby names printed on it.

Diaper Bags Made for Twins

Twins will definitely double the regular amount of bottles, diapers, clothing and baby necessities that they will bring each time their family goes out. Give their parents a diaper bag made to accommodate their twin’s needs. It doubles in size and pocket availability to lodge in all the extra baggage they need every day.

Boppy Pillows

A boppy pillow is a mother’s secret weapon especially when they are breastfeeding. It is even more appreciated if she is feeding twins. Having a boppy willow will allow a more comfortable and versatile way of breastfeeding. At the same time, it can double up as a “tummy time” helper and a momentary mini bed for one of the twins that needs to lie down as mommy tends to the other twin.

Hands Free Bottle Holder

This is also called a baby bottle sling and it is a parent’s saving grace when they are bottle feeding their twins. They can now feed the twins simultaneously with lesser effort as long as they keep a constant eye on both of them while feeding.

Twin Themed Books

Twin themed books are a good way to show these cute babies that even though they are twins, they still have their unique and special characteristics and traits that even the both of them can never copy. Having these books will also allow them to broaden and enhance their mental stimulation and educational competency.

Twin Stuffed Toystwin-gifts

A pair of twin stuffed toys can be a nice addition to the gift basket that you will be giving. Just makes sure to identify one from another so that the twins won’t mix up whose who with regards to the stuffed toys. Another nice touch is to personalize each stuffed toy by adding the baby’s name on each of them.

A twin gift basket is really more of a handful as compared to a regular gift basket because you are literally giving two babies their equally portioned sets of gifts. So makes sure that both of them have what the other one has. Nothing more nothing less. Avoid favoring one baby from another and keep the gifts as equally distributed as possible.