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A sure hit in any baby shower is a great gift basket. It is not only practical but it also offers a diversity of items and baby products that both the parents and baby will use. It also will highlight how personalized and unique you made the gift, making it more precious and memorable for those who will receive it.

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A great thing about building your own baby shower gift basket is that you will have total control of whatever is included in it. You can alter it according to how well you know the family of the baby and, more importantly, what the baby needs. Here are some tips on what to include in your personal baby shower basket.

Priority Items

Priority items are those that will be used on a daily basis. These are the items that are most used and must not go empty no matter what the circumstance is. You can add the likes of the items mentioned below in your basket:

  • Diapers
  • Baby Wipes
  • Formula milk
  • Baby Bottles
  • Cleaning and sterilizing items for bottles

Basic Necessities

Basic needs are those items that are used by the baby at least once or twice a day. Here are some examples of these products.

  • Baby grooming items-these include:
    • baby brush
    • nail clippers
    • Cotton swab
    • baby shampoo and soap
    • Lotion and powder
  • Practical Items-These are must haves that are not necessarily used daily but is essential that you must have it. Some examples are:
    • Thermometer
    • Pacifiers
    • Baby medicines and Vitamins
    • Diaper Rash Cream
  • baby-clothing-giftClothing-You can give a set of clothes for daily use of hip and trendy outfits that your little ones can sport to events and special occasions. Here are some clothing styles you can pick from:For daily use:
      • Onesies
      • Plain socks
      • Rompers
      • Baby tees
      • Baby pants
  • For special occasions we have a more specific explanation about this clothing type on the “Trendy Things” description.

Trendy Things

Trendy things are items that give your little ones the “IT” factor. Some examples of these are:

  • Fashionable outfits
  • Cool accessories
  • Trendy shoes
  • Cute socks
  • Hip headgears like hats, headbands and clips.

Soothing and Relaxing Items

Soothing and relaxing items can either be used on the baby or for the baby. Here are some quick suggestions for each category:

  • Put on Baby
    • Baby lotions with soothing scents
    • Baby oils
    • Teething cream
    • Pacifiers
  • Put Up for Baby
    • Baby crib mobile
    • Night lamp
    • Sound system with lullabies playing on it
    • Comfortable pillows
    • Warm bed covers and blanket

 Toys and Books

Toy and books are an all-time favorite of kids and babies alike. They can use these educational and fun-filled items as they grow up. These will not only stimulate their sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch, but it will also let them become more imaginative and creative as they get older. Here are some examples of great products:

  • Toys-toys are definitely a must when giving a gift for your baby. Some educational toys includes:
    • Teething toys with colorful parts that also makes sounds
    • Rubber duckies and other bath time toys
    • Musical toys
    • Buggy Activity chain
    • Rattles
    • Plush toys and stuffed toys
  • Books
    • Personalized books
    • Books about animals
    • ABC and 123 themed Books
    • Shapes and Colors themed books
    • Storytelling books

These are some of the fan-favorite items that you can choose form when creating your very own baby shower gift basket. Choose items that you know will be of valuable use to the baby and their parents. In addition, make sure that you are guide by three simple tips. First is to know what the family still needs. Second is to choose the most practical items for the basket. Finally, always put your personalized touch in your gift basket masterpiece.