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Baby boys can be a tricky subject matter when it comes to buying a baby gift for them. It’s because of the limited options that you can choose from. Unlike when you buy a gift for girls, boys have a smaller range of choices to pick with.baby-boy-gifts

That is why you need to be a bit more creative when choosing the best baby gift for them. Here are some tips that I can give you if you are eyeing the best gift possible for a baby boy.

Boy Themed Apparel

A fun way to spice up your gift for your little buddy is to think of a set of clothes that have a particular theme that boys will enjoy. Here are some great ideas to start off with:

  • Car themed clothes
  • Sport themed outfits
  • Cartoon characters for boys
  • Dinosaur delight
  • Police, firefighter, military themed get up

Toys for the Boys

There are a lot of boy themed toys that can serve as both educational and sensory stimulators. Some of these can even let them practice their fine motor reflexes as they play with it. Below is a list of possible toys for the boys:

  • Wooden Toy Truck
  • Interactive Learning Workbench
  • Colorful Pounding Bench
  • Activity Table with Multiple functions
  • Stacking Cups

Musical Themed Toys

Musical themed toys are a sure bet favorite not only for girls but for boys as well. It will encourage them to think critically in order to make a particular sound that they like. It will also allow them to cultivate their musical interest. Good choices for musical toys are the following:

  • Multifunctional Piano
  • Colorful drums
  • Complete miniature drum set with colorful lights
  • Educational Xylophones
  • Mini Tambourines
  • Baby Maracas
  • Little Cymbals

Toys that Cruise


Let’s admit it, boys have an innate love for cars and bikes regardless of their age. You can give a miniature version of these big boys’ cruisers to your little ones. A few good examples are listed below:

  • A Colorful Coupe
  • Wheel Buggies with animal themes
  • Ride and Push Buggies
  • Mini race car track set
  • Push and pull car, truck and motor toys


Books are a good way to stimulate a child’s imagination and mental growth. They have particular themed books that boys will enjoy to hear and eventually read. Some book themes for boys include the following:

  • Outer space themed books
  • Pirates, Jungle Explorer themed stories
  • Cars, motors and boat setting stories
  • Animals and dinosaurs books

Building Toys

Another fan favorite of boys are those toys that they can both assemble, disassemble and reassemble as they play with it. They can probably do this type of play for the whole day given that they have multiple possible outcomes for each assembly they create. Here are a few examples of building toys:

  • Wooden activity cube set with multifunctional tinker toys
  • Large sized colorful building blocks
  • Farm themed activity box complete with animal sounds and name identification
  • Tinker toys
  • Colorful workspace hammer toys
  • Multiple race track for cars

These are just a few of the possible creative gifts that you can choose from for your baby gift for boys. Always find time to look for educational yet sense stimulating items for toys. If you opt to choose clothing as a present, make it as unique and fun as possible.