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In any age, a gift is a hard thing to think of and buy. It must be unique yet useful and at the same time extravagant but cheap all at the same time. That is why we take up so much time just looking around and comparing one item for another. This stressful event surely will escalate more quickly when you are looking for the right items to put in a baby basket.

A baby basket is a popular gift that you can give in practically any baby occasion that you will be attending. Be it a baby shower or a simple birthday celebration, a baby basket will be the highlight of all the gifts present in the event. Here is everything you need to know in order to create the perfect baby basket for your little ones.baby basket

All the Essentials in One Pack

Giving a baby basket is the perfect idea if you want to give a personalized present for the baby. How personalize can you get when you yourself have bought, arranged and picked everything that is in the basket? The great thing about this idea is that you will not only be giving gifts for the little one but also the parents, most particularly the mommy.

Gifts for Baby

You can think of countless products and items possible for babies. Form baby essentials to fashion trends, you name it you can put it in the basket. Here are some good ideas that you can choose from.

  • Baby Essentials– You can put several bathing items, bottles, pacifiers, bottle cleaning products and anything that has something to do with the daily needs of the baby.baby-basket-toys
  • Clothes-It can be regular onesies, tops, pants, mittens, booties and bonnets to fashionable tops, dresses, pants and shoes.
  • Baby Yummies-Food for babies are also a big hit for a gift. You can choose to give formula milk (if the baby is formula fed), or even starter food that can used in the near future.
  • Toys-Babies love toys. So better buy a few stuffed toys, educational toys, teethers and other toys that will stimulate their sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing.

Gifts for Mommy

I am a firm believer that mommies should also have her own piece of gift because, let’s face it, she literally put her life on the line just to give life to her baby. What’s a little trinket to show your appreciation and gratitude to them? Here are great and useful tiems to add to the baby basket.

  • Healthy Food-Healthy food are a must for moms. You can add a few fresh fruits and veggies on the basket that will serves as both a decoration and a gift.
  • Nipple Cream-Sore nipples will be one of mommas major complain. Help ease her discomfort by giving her a cream that will soother her sore nipples.
  • Breast Pads-She will need A LOT of these and when I mean a lot, I mean she will have to change her pads frequently every day. Give her some extra boxes of these to help her cut down on the breast pad expenses.
  • Boppy Pillow-Boppy pillows are a lifesaver for moms who are exclusively breastfeeding. This helps to promote comfort in any feeding position that mommy and baby will be in. It also doubles up as a “tummy time” supporter for the baby in a few months’ time.
  • A Spa Date-Basically anything that would give mommy her well derived “ME time”. It can be a spa date, a salon day, or even a simple eat out to her favorite restaurant, she needs that alone time once in a while. Like I always say, a happy and relaxed mommy equals a healthy and calm baby.

There is definitely a wide variety of choices to pick from when you are going to build your own baby gift basket. This will definitely make anyone who will receive the present thrilled to see assortment of items in one package. Just make sure that the items you will put in it will be useful and, more preferably, those that the family still needs or are still lacking on.